• Associate Professor of Philosophy, Regis University (Regis College)
    Denver, Colorado USA

  • Research and Writing

    I am a specialist in 20th and 21st century Continental philosophy, with interests in metaphysics (questions of being, becoming, and change), philosophical logic, critical phenomenology (especially critical race phenomenology and whiteness studies), aesthetics, art-making, and the environmental humanities. This work is informed by my rigorous training in the history of philosophy. I am concerned with how ideas appear in their original contexts, and I contend this attention is a helpful guide for understanding ideas in contemporary settings.

  • Selected Publications

    "Alain Badiou." Entry in Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers (2020). DOI 10.5040/9781350999992.0041; subscription required.


    "Collision: Voices of Water." Evental Aesthetics: Aesthetic Intersections 3, vol. 9:1 (2020), 55-67. Open Access online: https://eventalaesthetics.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/EAV9N1_2020_Vartabedian_Water_55_67.pdf


    (Monograph) Multiplicity and Ontology in Deleuze and Badiou. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.


    "Negation, Structure, Transformation: Alain Badiou and the New Metaphysics." In Open Philosophy topical issue, "The New Metaphysics: Analytic/Continental Crossovers" (2018): 213-222. Open Access online: https://www.degruyter.com/view/j/opphil.2018.1.issue-1/opphil-2018-0015/opphil-2018-0015.xml?format=INT


    "Allowances, Affordances, and the Collaborative Constitution of Identity.” Perspectives International Postgraduate Journal in Philosophy, vol. 5 (2014), 58-74.

    "Should We Condemn Michael?” in Ultimate LOST and Philosophy: Think Together, Die Alone, ed. Sharon Kaye (Wiley, 2010), 233-241. Also appeared as “Should We Condemn Michael for Saving Walt?” in LOST and Philosophy: The Island Has Its Reasons, ed. Sharon Kaye (Blackwell, 2007), 18-25.

    "Special Effects, Special Status: Lie, Visual Effects, and Stephen Prince’s Perceptual Realism,” Cinemascope 10 (Jan.-June 2008), special issue: Falsehood and Cinema, ed. Mariangela Fornaro, http://www.cinemascope.it.

    Review of James Dreier, ed., Contemporary Debates in Moral Theory (Blackwell, 2006), Teaching Philosophy 30:1 (March 2007), 132-134.

    Work Forthcoming, Under Review, and in Press

    With S. Andarge, N. Aranda, J. Brady, T.M. Charfauros, K. Coakley, and R. Worles, "Erlebnis, Tarrying, and Thinking Again after George Yancy." Book chapter in George Yancy: a Critical Reader.


    Review of Alain Badiou and Gilles Haéri, In Praise of Mathematics (Polity, 2016). Submitted for publication in Badiou Studies 6 (review accepted, volume delayed).

    Work in Progress

    "Guests in the Out-Side: Becoming, Knowing, and Acting in Jane Bennett's Vital Materialism," in preparation for Philosophy in the Contemporary World.


    "Decision, Annulment, and Periodization: Eleatic Resources in Badiou's Oeuvre." In preparation for M = O? Rereading Alain Badiou's Mathematical Ontology 30 Years After Being and Event. Tzuchien Tho and Mirna Dzamonja, eds. (volume under contract with Suture Press).


    "The Pleasures of the Problem: Path, Decision, and Annulment in Parmenides and Badiou." in preparation for Practice: Encounters with Antiquity, eds. Ryan Johnson, Jacob Greenstine, and Dave Mesing (volume under contract with Edinburgh University Press).

  • Teaching and Course Development

    I offer courses in the history of philosophy, metaphysics, philosophy's relationship to art, and philosophy’s intersections with race, gender, and sexuality. Each of my courses are built on the commitment to philosophy as a tool that provides those who engage it with the critical awareness and skills necessary to transform the present for a better future. A sampling of recent courses at these crossings include:

    • Special Topics in Philosophy: Philosophy and Creativity
    • Philosophy in Practice
    • Topics in Metaphysics: The Event
    • Philosophy and Social Issues: Precarious Bodies
    • Philosophy/Art
    In our Department's history sequence, I teach the following:
    • 19th Century Philosophy
    • 20th Century Philosophy: Phenomenology
    • Contemporary Currents: Continental Philosophy in the 21st Century
    • Medieval Philosophy
    I offer courses in our Integrative Core program, inviting students to think from their disciplines, accumulated skills, and personal perspectives about issues pertinent to our lives together. I am also affiliated faculty in the Peace and Justice Studies and Women's and Gender Studies programs.
  • Education

    My academic preparation is pluralistic; my work with contemporary Continental philosophy is informed by extensive training in the history of philosophy and work with Analytic philosophy.


    Ph.D., Philosophy, Duquesne University

    M. Humanities, Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies: Philosophy and Film Studies, University of Colorado Denver

    M.A., Philosophy of Religion (Honors), Denver Seminary

    B.A., Philosophy and History, Regis University (Regis College)